The Project of Our Company was Selected fot Beijing Engineering Consulting Industry Development Achievement Exhibition.

The Yongding River Comprehensive Treatment and Ecological Restoration Project was jointly launched by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Water Resources and the former State Forestry Administration and issued the overall plan, which intends to implement water resources conservation and ecological water allocation in the basin, comprehensive river regulation and restoration, water conservation and ecological construction, water environment management and protection, etc. Restoring Yongding River to a "flowing river, green river, clean river and safe river" promotes the economic and social development of the basin, the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure and the construction of regional ecological civilization, and is expected to become the focus point for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to achieve a breakthrough in the ecological field. In 2018, Yongding River Basin Governance Investment Co., Ltd. was established. As the main implementation body of comprehensive governance and ecological restoration of Yongding River, the company promotes the investment, construction and operation of relevant governance projects through market-oriented mechanisms. Up to now, dozens of governance projects across the basin have been launched, and it is planned to basically complete the Yongding River green ecological river corridor by 2025. Commissioned by Yongding River Basin Investment Co., LTD., Ktrue carried out the "Special consultation on Dynamic calculation of Project fund balance", focusing on the idea of "ecological priority, river basin interaction, intensive development, and win-win cooperation", and analyzed the demand for investment and financing balance of Yongding River comprehensive management and ecological restoration. The profit model design and investment income calculation of industrial and resource projects along the Yongding River are carried out, the fund balance analysis model of Yongding River basin governance and industrial development is systematically constructed, the dynamic balance capability is evaluated, and suggestions on financing innovation are put forward.

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