The Water Resources Department of Yunnan Province Held a Video Training Conference on Promoting Water Investment and Financing Work

On June 29, 2022, the Department of Water Resources of Yunnan Province organized a video training conference focusing on advancing water investment and financing efforts through a collaborative approach. The conference featured esteemed leaders from various financial institutions, including the Yunnan Branch of China Development Bank and the Yunnan Branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China, as well as experts from the PPP expert database of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance. Additionally, representatives from Beijing Jinzhun Consulting Co., Ltd. and CITIC Securities Co., Ltd., including the Director of Jinshi Fund, were invited to provide training and guidance.

During the conference, the Chief Engineer of Yunnan Provincial Water Resources Department delivered an opening speech, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in advancing water infrastructure investment. Mr. Zhang Chunping, Deputy Director of the Infrastructure Client Office at the Yunnan Branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China, provided insights and training on policy-based financial support for water conservancy infrastructure construction. Tong Mei, an expert from the PPP expert database of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance, who also serves as Deputy General Manager of Ktrue and General Manager of its Yunnan Branch, offered policy interpretations and case analyses on the PPP model for water conservancy projects. Furthermore, Dong Peng, Director of the Golden Stone Fund at CITIC Securities Co., Ltd., shared market insights and conducted an analysis of the application of infrastructure trust funds (REITs).

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The water conservancy bureaus at the state (city) and county (city, district) levels should fully recognize the importance of adopting a "two hands" approach to expand effective investment in water conservancy. It is essential to strengthen organizational leadership, closely monitor recently issued policy documents, and proactively engage with relevant initiatives. Leveraging financial resources and credit, these bureaus should promote the development of public-private partnerships (PPP) for water conservancy infrastructure and advance pilot projects for water conservancy infrastructure investment trust funds (REITs). By diversifying channels for long-term financing of water conservancy construction, they can expedite the implementation of projects aimed at water resource development and conservation in Yunnan Province.

The training session was attended by over 670 individuals, including officials from relevant government departments, provincial water investment company representatives, and personnel responsible for water conservancy investment and planning at the state (city) and county (city, district) levels. Participants also included heads of agricultural water and project legal entities, as well as executives overseeing water conservancy financing platforms in various regions.