Providing Consulting Services on Government Regulation such as Price Adjustment, Cost Analysis and Mid-term Evaluation for a Number of Franchise Projects in Beijing.

In concession projects with a long cooperation period, one of the main tasks of the government during the performance process is to carry out relevant regulatory work on the project, among which price adjustment and mid-term evaluation are common regulatory measures. In order to cope with the risk of price changes during the operation period, there are usually two ways to adjust the price of the concession project: firstly, to adjust the price periodically according to the price adjustment formula agreed in the contract; and secondly, to carry out cost monitoring of the project, and to adjust the price according to the cost analysis and monitoring situation. Mid-term evaluation is a stage-by-stage evaluation work arranged by the government regulator in the course of project implementation, with the purpose of regularly assessing the expected output, implementation effect and contract fulfillment of the project, in order to continuously improve and enhance the implementation and management level and efficiency of the project by all parties, and to promote the franchise project to achieve the expected goals.

Since 2007, we have been commissioned by the Beijing Municipal Government to provide governmental regulatory consulting services, such as price adjustment and mid-term evaluation consulting, for a number of franchise projects in Beijing, covering a wide range of industries, including garbage and solid waste treatment, wastewater treatment, piped gas, and urban rail transit, among others. These franchise projects mainly include the following:

Multiple price adjustments and mid-term evaluation consulting for the Asuwei Integrated Waste Treatment Plant project;

Asuwei incineration plant operating cost analysis, project pricing and concession agreement signing services;

Cost monitoring and price adjustment consulting for the Fengtai Kitchen Waste Treatment Plant project;

Consulting on operating cost analysis of Dongcun Integrated Waste Treatment Plant;

Consultancy for operating cost analysis of Nangong domestic waste composting plant;

Consultancy for operating cost analysis of Nangong domestic waste incineration plant;

Rujiashan domestic waste incineration plant running cost analysis consulting;

Chaoyang Clean Incineration Center running cost analysis consulting;

Consultancy on price adjustment of Gaoyantun waste incineration project;

Multiple price adjustment consultancy for the Lugouqiao Wastewater Treatment Plant project;

Multiple price adjustment consulting for the Xiaojiahe wastewater treatment plant project;

Tracking and evaluation of the natural gas concession project in the eastern district of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area;

Evaluation study on the implementation effect of PPP (concession) model for Beijing Subway Line 4;

Others (omitted).


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