Consulting Services for Drainage Network Facilities in Chengdu

Chengdu has further promoted the construction of parks and urban demonstration areas that practice the new development concepts, established an integrated reform mechanism for supply, drainage and clean governance, optimized the water management system, and established government-led, enterprise-dominated, and market-involved solutions to water development planning, layout, standards and input. In 2020, the Chengdu Municipal People's Government, in accordance with the "Measures for the Management of Franchise Rights of the Chengdu Municipal People's Government" (Decree No. 164 of the Chengdu Municipal People's Government), launched the implementation of the project of granting franchise rights to the drainage network and underpass tunnels and other facilities within the Chengdu Ring City (that is, most areas of the five urban districts and high-tech zones). The project includes 6,292.13 kilometers of drainage network, 72 underground tunnels, 97 pumping stations (79 rainwater pumping stations, 18 sewage pumping stations) and other drainage facilities in Chengdu, and its implementation is an important part of the integrated reform of supply, drainage and purification in Chengdu.

As a project consulting service agency, Jinzhun Consulting has provided consulting services such as implementation plan and franchise agreement preparation for the project, and put forward consulting suggestions and solutions for the scope, standards and requirements of drainage facility operation and management, the amount and source of management funds, the payment standards and conditions of funds, and the allocation of responsibilities and rights of various entities in the project implementation process.

The implementation of the project is of great significance for changing the traditional segmented and fragmented water management mode of classification and division, strengthening the operation, maintenance and management of existing drainage facilities in Chengdu, improving the efficiency of sewage collection, allocation and supply in urban areas of Chengdu, and giving full play to the intelligent management of drainage facilities and the linkage effect of plant network. Promote the integration of water supply and drainage facilities planning, design, investment, construction, transportation and management, as well as the integration of urban plant network and river reform, and promote the integrated development of water and "people, city and industry".

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