• Solid Waste Treatment

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    Xiangtan Municipal Solid Waste Power Station Project
    Xiangtan domestic waste incineration power generation project is located in niuchang'ao, Hongxing Village, Hekou Town, Xiangtan County, with a total investment of USD 115 million, covering an area of 117.6 mu, an annual waste treatment capacity of 438000 tons and an annual power transmission of 156 million KWh, which can fully absorb the domestic waste in the two urban areas and Xiangtan County. It is equipped with two 600 T/D Mechanical furnace exhaust incinerator incineration lines and one 24 MW medium temperature sub high pressure condensing steam turbine generator unit.
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    Zhuzhou Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Station Project
    Zhuzhou municipal solid waste incineration power plant, with a total investment of USD 78 million, is located in Changshi Village, Tongtangwan, Shifeng District, covering an area of 176.7 mu. Two grate furnaces with a daily waste treatment capacity of 500 tons are installed in phase I project, which can generate 24000 KWh per hour. A grate furnace is added in the second phase of the project, with a daily waste treatment of 1500 tons and an annual waste treatment of 365,000 tons.
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    Nanping Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Station Project
    The total investment of the domestic waste incineration power plant project in Nanping City, Fujian Province is USD 55 million. The daily incineration process of the project is 600 t/d of domestic waste. The project was completed in two phases, the first phase is 300 t/d, using 1×300 t/d incineration line and a daily processing facility for 25 tons of kitchen waste and 50 tons of sludge. In the second phase, a 1×300 t/d incineration line was added.