The Bidding of Pumped Storage Power Station Consulting Service Project.

At the beginning of 2023, Ktrue's pumped storage business is full of good news. Through bidding and selection procedures, Ktrue has been awarded the pumped storage power station consulting service projects consecutively.

The first one is the preparation of the implementation plan and procurement agency service for the procurement of social capital for the project of Dayi County Pumped Storage Power Station in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province (installed capacity of 1,800MW);

Secondly, technical consulting services for survey and design of Jiyuan Fengshihe Pumped Storage Power Station (installed capacity 1500MW) and other series of pumped storage power stations in Henan Province;

The third is the consulting service for the construction of the second phase of the Inner Mongolia Wuhai Pumped Storage Power Station (installed capacity 1200MW) project.

The commissioners of the three consulting projects are respectively the investment platform enterprises of the government of the project location, the project survey and design enterprises and the project construction owner enterprises, and the content of the service involves the pre-investment and financing planning of the storage power station, the cooperation between the government and enterprises, the project investment, the survey and design consulting services, as well as the engineering and technical consulting services during the construction of the project after approval. Three consulting service projects covering different stages of the project and from different customer types were selected at the same time, indicating that Ktrue's experience and ability to serve pumped storage power stations in a comprehensive and full chain have been further recognized by the market. We are confident in our ability to provide full-chain, diversified and high-quality consulting services for pumped storage power plant projects of various clients.

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