• Water Conservancy

    Familiar With all Aspects of Water Conservancy Projects, From Bottom-Level Realization to Decision-Making Mechanism

    Shuangfengsi Reservoir Project in Chengde City

    Investment and Financing Consulting, Water Sharing Mechanism Consulting, Financial Analysis

    Xinjiang Dashixia Water Conservancy Project

    PPP Consulting



    Taihu Reservoir, Xunwu County, Jiangxi

    PPP Consulting



    Central Yunnan Water Diversion Project

    PPP Feasibility Study and Government Policy Study


    Xinjiang Hotan, Yulong, Kashi Water Conservancy Project

    Concession Consulting



    Wenshan Qingshuihe Water Conservancy Project in Yunnan Province

    Research on the Scale of Project Investment and Financing

    Diversion from Yellow River to Jining River Project in Qinghai Province

    Project Financing Plan Research, Benefit Analysis and Economic Evaluation Research

    Acquisition of Assets of Yingnahe Reservoir in Dalian, Liaoning

    M&A Consulting


    Liaoning Dahuofang Reservoir emergency link to Dalian pipeline

    Equity Transfer Consulting

    Expansion of the Sanjiang Diversion Canal of the Urban Flood Control Project in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province

    PPP Consulting

    Preliminary Planning Consultation for Guangxi Yulin Longyun Water Distribution Project

    Preliminary Work Consulting

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