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    Danzhou Binhai New District Water Supply Project

    The total capacity of the water supply plant is 100,000 tons/day, of which the construction capacity of the first phase is 50,000 tons/day; the total capacity of the newly built sewage treatment plant is 80,000 tons/day, of which the construction capacity of the first phase is 40,000 tons/day.

    Xiangyang City Water System Connection and Ecological Treatment Project

    The total investment is USD 1.66 billion covered by the projects - Xiangshui river and Tangbai river basin water system connection and ecological treatment project, Hanjiang River Jiazhou flood control and ecological comprehensive treatment project, urban drinking water source protection and ecological restoration project, Dongjin new area flood control project, Gunhe river and Chunhe river water system connection and ecological treatment project, Qilihe River Basin comprehensive treatment project, zhongziwan reservoir water system connection and water source ecological treatment project, Xiaoqing River Basin comprehensive treatment project.

    Chengde Water Environmental Protection and Comprehensive Treatment Project

    The total investment of the project is about USD 503 million, of which the construction period is 2 years and the operation period is 24 years. The project covers river dredging, embankment construction, sub channel construction, rubber dam construction, ecological landscape construction, water supply and drainage pipe network and auxiliary electrical works and long-term management.

    Beijing Qinghe River and Liangshui River Water Environment Comprehensive Treatment Project

    The total investment is 1.23 billion US dollars. The first phase of the project is the main stream dredging, underwater ecological engineering and deodorization engineering; The second phase of the project completes the sewage closure of the main stream, the landscape improvement of the main stream of the urban section and the automatic monitoring system; The third phase of the project completes the treatment of rural areas, water system connection and water quality maintenance.

    Zhangye Sewage Treatment Plant Project

    The total daily sewage treatment capacity is 140,000 tons. It adopts MBR film advanced treatment process. There are three production lines for sludge drying. After operating at full capacity, it can process 300 tons of sludge per day, which can be used for incineration of power generation, composting, building materials and raw materials, and sanitary landfills. The treated water is directly used for ecological replenishment of wetlands in the northern suburbs to further improve the water environment quality of Shandan River and enhance the urban living environment.

    Zhuzhou City Baishi Port Water Purification Center Project

    The Baishi Port Water Quality Purification Center covers an area of 149 mu, has a daily sewage treatment capacity of 250,000 tons, a total investment of about 67 million US dollars. In the first phase, a sewage treatment plant with a daily treatment capacity of 80,000 tons, a sewage collection pipe network and a reclaimed water reuse pipe network will be constructed. The project also built a reclaimed water reuse system with a scale of 20,000 tons/day to comprehensively utilize the treated sewage.

    Sewage Treatment Plant Project in Nanshan Area, Quangang District, Quanzhou City

    The sewage treatment plant in the Nanshan area is a key infrastructure project for the coordinated development of the Quangang petrochemical industry and the ecological environment. It is located in the Nanshan area of the Quangang Petrochemical Industrial Zone in Quanzhou City. The design scale is 100,000 cubic meters per day in the long term and 25,000 cubic meters per day in the short term (12,500 cubic meters/day for each of the first and second stages). Sewage water sources are mainly industrial wastewater from industrial enterprises in Nanshan area, a small amount of domestic sewage and polluted rainwater. The effluent meets the first-level standard (petrochemical industry) in Table 4 of the "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard" (GB8978-1996).

    Chengdu Longquanyi Dougou River Sewage Treatment Plant Project

    The Dougou River Sewage Treatment Plant in Longquanyi District, Chengdu adopts the advanced sewage treatment process A2O. Its design capacity is 39,000 cubic meters per day, and the initial daily treatment capacity reaches 19,500 cubic meters per day. The project investment is USD 6.6 million. After the completion of the sewage treatment plant, the surrounding water environment will be greatly improved, and it will play a very important role in the treatment of water pollution, the protection of the water quality of the local river basin and the ecological balance.

    Baoding City Water System Dredging and Construction Project

    Baoding City Water System projects include connecting Wangkuai and Xidayang Reservoir, dredging existing channels, constructing water delivery projects, and diverting clear water into the city through the south and north lines, investing in USD 480 million to build an ecological landscape of "two rings, four corridors, five lakes, and ten gardens, dredging the Fuhe River in the lower reaches of the urban area to realize ecological replenishment of Baiyangdian Lake.

    Water Environment Treatment and Sewage Treatment in Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone

    The total investment of the project is 567 million U.S. dollars to realize the comprehensive improvement of flood discharge port rivers, sluices, and sewage pipelines on both sides of the bank. The project will reconstruct about 6.2 kilometers of the river, build 8 sluices, build 5 garbage transfer stations, and connect with each other through ecological trails and natural water systems to create a vivid waterfront style and form a diversified waterfront space. All the pollution interception and pipes were carried out, the source of pollution was cut off, and the riverbank environment was improved.
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