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    Xinjiang Urumqi Rail Transit Line 2

    The first phase of Line 2 is the second rail transit line to be constructed in Urumqi after Line 1. The project estimate has a total investment of US$ 2.5 billion, which closely connects the old city area with the high-speed rail area. The maximum station distance of the whole line is 2.057 kilometres, the minimum station distance is 0.745 kilometres, the average station distance is 1.162 kilometres, and the vehicle speed is 80 kilometres per hour.The construction will be divided into two phases, with a total of 16 platforms set up in the first phase.

    Beijing Metro Line 4

    Beijing Subway Line 4 is the ninth subway line opened in Beijing, China. It is also a main line running through the north and south of the urban area in the Beijing rail transit network. The whole line runs north-south with a total length of 50 kilometres. There are a total of 35 stations, including 33 underground stations, 1 elevated station, and 1 ground station.

    Beijing Metro Line 14

    Beijing Subway Line 14 is an "L"-shaped line connecting the northeast end to the southwest end of Beijing, and runs through the east and south of Beijing. The west section of Beijing Metro Line 14 has a total length of 12.4 kilometres, of which the elevated line is 2.1 kilometres. The underground line is 10.3 kilometres long and has 7 stations, including 2 elevated stations and 5 underground stations. The east section of the line has a total length of 31.4 kilometres and adopts an all-underground laying method, with 23 underground stations in total.

    Beijing Metro Line 16

    Beijing Metro Line 16 has a total length of 30.5 kilometers and is laid underground. There are 17 underground stations on the whole line. Beijing Metro Line 16 is the first line in Beijing's rail transit network to use 8-carriage A-type trains.

    Beijing New Airport Line

    The Beijing Metro New Airport Line, also known as the Beijing Second Airport Line, has a total length of 41.36 kilometres in the first phase. The total investment is US$ 6.3 billion. The line trains will use fully automatic driver-less technology, with a maximum operating speed of 160 kilometres per hour. It takes only 19 minutes to travel from Caoqiao Station to the New Airport about 40 kilometres. It is currently the fastest urban rail transit bus in China.

    Tianjin Metro Line 7

    Tianjin Metro Line 7, with a total length of 26.47 kilometres and a total of 21 underground stations, is a backbone line running through the central city from north to south. The total investment of the project is US$ 4.138 billion.

    Shenzhen Metro Line 12、Line 13

    The Shenzhen Rail Transit Line 12 project has a total length of about 40.56 kilometres, with 33 stations, and is laid underground. The total investment is US$ 6.59 billion. The total length of Line 13 is about 22.4 kilometres, with 16 stations, and it is laid underground. The total investment is US$3.95 billion.

    Chengdu Rail Transit Line 9 Phase I, Line 13, Line 18 Project

    The first phase of Chengdu Metro Line 9 has a total length of 22.18 kilometres and a total of 13 stations. Chengdu Metro Line 13 is 50 kilometres long. The first phase of the project is 29.04 kilometres in length, and the first phase of the project will be opened in 2024. Chengdu Metro Line 18 has a total length of 69.39 kilometres and a total of 12 stations, including 10 underground stations and 2 ground stations.

    Wuhan Urban Rail Line 12

    The length of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 12 is about 59.876 kilometres (all underground lines), with 37 stations in total. The maximum station spacing is 4226 m, the minimum station spacing is 926 m, and the average station spacing is about 1618 m. The total investment is US$ 8.32 billion.

    Commercial Development of Land Around Jinan to Qingdao High-Speed Railway Station

    The Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway starts from Jinan East Station in the west to Hongdao Station in the east, with a total length of 307.9 kilometres, a total of 11 stations, and an operating speed of 300 km/h. The Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway is an important part of China's Taiyuan-Qingdao passenger transport channel. It connects with the Jinan hub in the west, forming a "2-hour traffic circle" in Shandong Province.

    Zhengpugang Railway

    Zhengpu Port Railway Project is a key project in the construction of Zhengpu Port's railway transportation system. The line is about 38.8 kilometres long. It is connected to the Tongzha Station of Huainan Railway and directly reaches the planned port area of Zhengpu Port. The whole line is national railway grade III standard, single line, design speed is 80 kilometres per hour, and the total investment is US$350 million.

    Urumqi Ring Express Highway Project

    The east line of the Urumqi Ring Expressway has a total length of 79.7 kilometres and a total investment of US$1.23 billion. The west line of the Urumqi Ring Expressway is 92 kilometres long. The project is designed according to the standard of a two-way 8-lane highway, with a design speed of 100 km/h.

    Jiangxi Province, Xunquan Highway Project

    Xunwu-Quannan Expressway is located in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, with a total investment of US$585 million. The total length of the project is 112 kilometres. The expressway is designed according to the highway II standard. The main line adopts the two-way four-lane expressway standard construction, and the design speed is 80 thousand km/h.

    Shanxi Province, Xiyang to Yuci Highway Project

    The total length of the project is 125.4 kilometres, and the estimated investment is US$3.23 billion. The project adopts two-way four-lane expressway standard construction, with a design speed of 100 km/h and an overall roadbed width of 26 meters. The project including 75 bridges, 17 tunnels, 6 interchange hubs, and 3 separate overpasses across the main road.

    National highway G342 Jincheng Reroute Project

    Shanxi Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. adopted the PPP model to invest and construct the Jincheng Transit Section of National Highway G342. The project has an investment of USD 480 million and a total length of 35.929 kilometres.

    Investment Promotion of Beijing Daxing Airport Comprehensive Service Building

    The comprehensive service building of Beijing New Airport is located in the North Corridor of Daxing Airport. With the steady increase in throughput of Daxing Airport, the comprehensive service building will play an important role in serving the airport's passenger flow. The project is connected horizontally with the terminal building, parking building, and expressway system, and vertically connected with the high-speed rail and subway underground. It is a comprehensive transportation hub of Daxing International Airport, with a total area of approximately 142,000 square meters.

    China Power Investment Corporation Guangdong Jieyang Coal Storage and Distribution Terminal

    The general wharf project in the Qianzhan operation area of Jieyang Port plans to build 3 150,000-ton berths and 3 3,000-ton berths, with an annual throughput of 30 million tons and a coastline length of 1,000 meters. The first phase of the project has an investment of US$280 million. It is planned to build a 70,000-ton general-purpose berth, a 3,000-ton general-purpose berth, and a work boat berth, with an annual design capacity of 3.8 million tons.

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