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    Reconstruction and Expansion Project of People's Hospital of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City

    The total investment in the reconstruction and expansion of the project is approximately US$65 million, with an additional construction area of 55,360 square meters. The project adds 300 new rehabilitation beds, air defense facilities, underground garages and equipment rooms.

    Liangdu Hospital, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province

    The project has a planned land area of 186.49 mu, a total construction area of 188,000 square meters, 1,500 hospital beds, and an estimated total investment of US$ 243 million.

    Xiangya Changde Hospital, Changde City, Hunan Province

    The hospital occupies an area of 230 acres, a building area of 270,000 square meters, a daily reception capacity of 4,500 people, 1,500 beds, and 38 operating rooms.

    Relocation and Reconstruction Project of Yuanjiang County People's Hospital in Yunnan Province

    The estimated total investment of this project is USD 98 million. The project has a total of 800 beds, a land area of 118.2 mu, and a total construction area of 80,133.96 square meters.

    Feasibility Study for Improving the Emergency Response and Treatment Ability of People‘s Hospital in Huaping County, Yunnan Province

    The total investment of the project is US$ 1.68 million. The project includes a new building area of 3,500 square meters and emergency rescue equipment.

    Wuerhe Hospital, Karamayi City, Xinjiang

    Wuerhe Hospital in Karamay City, Xinjiang covers an area of 32,000 square meters, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters. The hospital has emergency department, internal medicine, surgical, women, children, traditional Chinese medicine, physical examination center, remote consultation center, and operating room.

    New Construction Project of Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province

    The project covers an area of 213.07 mu, with 700 beds and a total construction area of 72,751.75 square meters. The total investment in civil engineering is US$66 million, and the investment in medical equipment is US$20 million.

    Feasibility Study of Guizhou Province for Development of  City and County Hospitals, Disease Control Centers, Emergency Treatment Centers, and Health System Informatization Projects

    Cooperate with Health Institutions, Financial Bureaus, and Development and Reform Commissions of local governments at all levels in Guizhou Province.

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