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    Compiled by the National Development and Reform Commission "Government and Social Capital Cooperation Project General Contract Guidelines (2014 Edition)"

    This guide strengthens the management of the entire process of drafting, negotiation, performance, modification, cancellation, transfer, termination and expiration of PPP contracts in order to better support the actual operation of PPP.

    "Government and Social Capital Cooperation in the Construction of Major Water Conservancy Projects Operation Guidelines" for The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Water Resources 

    The guidelines are used to guide the operation of major water conservancy projects (referred to as water conservancy PPP projects) that adopt the PPP model for construction and operation, including key water source projects, major water diversion projects, large-scale irrigation projects, rivers and lakes treatment projects, etc.

    "Regulations on Cooperation between Government and Social Capital in the Field of Infrastructure and Public Services (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)" by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council

    The promulgation of the PPP regulations is an important guarantee for the re-adjustment of the PPP industry and the foundation for the better development of PPP. In the future, the PPP industry will usher in a more efficient and stable development based on an orderly and standardized basis.

    Consultant for the PPP Management Departments of the Department of Finance of Guizhou Province, the Department of Finance of Guangdong Province, and Many Cities and County-Level Governments

    Mainly serve local governments, local Development and Reform Commissions, and Local Finance Departments.

    "Beijing City Outdoor Advertising Management Measures" for Beijing Municipal and City Appearance Commission 

    The introduction of the Measures has accelerated the promotion of the marketization of outdoor advertising management in Beijing.

    "Beijing City Municipal Public Utilities Concession Measures" for Beijing Municipal and City Appearance Commission

    The introduction of the Measures has accelerated the promotion of the marketization of municipal public utilities in Beijing, the diversification of investment entities, and the standardization of concession operations of municipal public utilities.

    "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Rail Transit Stations and Surrounding Lands in the Binhai New District to Improve the Funding Balance Mechanism for Rail Transit Construction and Operation" for Tianjin Binhai New District 

    This opinion was issued to support the implementation of TOD development on the land used for rail transit stations. Accelerate the comprehensive development and utilization of land around and along rail transit stations.

    "Management Measures for Performance Appraisal of Chengdu Rail Transit PPP Project" for Chengdu Construction Committee

    This regulation establishes a full life cycle performance management mechanism that sets performance goals beforehand, performs performance tracking during project execution, and conducts performance evaluation afterwards. Link government payments with performance evaluation, and use performance evaluation results as an important basis for price adjustments to ensure that the public interest is maximized.

    "Kunming Rail Transit PPP Project Work System" for Kunming Rail Transit Company

    The system formulated in accordance with the overall requirements of the country and the local conditions of Kunming ensured the smooth implementation of the Kunming rail transit PPP project.

    Evaluation of Key Green Technologies and Related Industries Under the Vision of Carbon Neutralization in Beijing

    The evaluation was issued to ensure the industrialization of green technologies such as carbon neutralization, plastic pollution prevention, and food waste prevention in Beijing..

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