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    Ecological Restoration Project of Chengdu Longquan Mountain

    The total investment of the project is US$1.81 billion. The construction scale of the project is 37734 hectares. The project also includes the reconstruction of 100 kilometres of roads within the park, the construction of a forest fire video monitoring system, the construction of forest fire protection water source infrastructure, and the strengthening of forest irrigation projects.

    Agricultural Waste Resource Utilization Project in Xinhua County, Hunan

    The project investment is US$ 46 million, the planned land area is 127,534.8 m, and the total construction area is 126,862.7 m. The project will form an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of plastic wood pellets.

    Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park Project in Qujin District, Yunnan

    The total investment of the project is US$ 83 million and the total area is 12,000 mu. There are currently 10 agricultural enterprises and 68 large vegetable growers in the park. The park has planted 5,200 acres of blueberries, 3,000 acres of red onions, and 2,100 acres of other open-field vegetables. A modern agricultural industrial park of 10,000 acres has been preliminary formed with blueberry and vegetable planting.

    Red River Valley Agricultural Products Logistics and Trading Park, Yuanjiang County, Yunnan

    The total land area of the project is 66.34 hectares and the total investment is US$ 246 million. The construction content is the logistics park infrastructure and operational supporting facilities. Among them, the supporting infrastructure construction includes roads, passenger stations, railway station squares, park sanitation projects, fire protection projects, etc. Operational supporting facilities include the agricultural product trade zone of the station, the tea city (phase one), logistics standard warehouses, cold chain warehouses, etc.

    Rural Sewage Treatment and Collection Pipe Network Project in Chengmai County, Hainan

    The sewage treatment and collection pipeline network project in 18 administrative villages in Chengmai County, and the rural sewage treatment and collection pipeline network project in 11 towns (42 administrative villages) in Chengmai County have started. The total investment of the project is about 30 million U.S. dollars.

    Rural sewage treatment project in Anding County, Hainan

    The sewage treatment and collection pipeline network project of 60 administrative villages in Chengmai County has been fully started. The project adopts the EPCO model and the total investment is about 30 million US dollars.

    Agricultural Development Plan of Weixi County, Yunnan

    During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Weixi County will focus on its economic and social development goals and focus on achieving good results in seven areas - ecological environment, economy, infrastructure, culture, living standards, social governance, national unity.

    Agricultural Development Plan of Xingren County, Guizhou

    Xingren County plans to introduce modern agricultural management enterprises through investment promotion, expand the scale of Xingren's agricultural planting and breeding, extend the industrial chain, develop deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, and improve the industrialized management level of Xingren's agricultural economy.

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